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Growing strong manufacturing companies through product innovation, continuous improvement, and strategic investment.

VAST Industrial Corp. is an Ontario-based holding company founded in 2016. We proudly own and operate 9 manufacturing businesses serving distinct market segments around the world.

VAST Industrial Corp.’s group of companies deliver industry-leading products to our clients with friendly service. Our key advantage to developing excellent products and services is the skill, dedication and effort of our hard-working team members. Our diverse team has experience across many disciplines enabling us to develop unique products that deliver top value for our customers.

Dasco Storage Solutions designs and manufactures industry-leading steel secure storage systems since 1963. The highly-customizable storage products are available world wide.

Product applications include:

  • Weapons storage
  • Computer equipment storage
  • Media/data storage

Find your secure storage system today.


Unilux VFC produces top-of-the-line HVAC solutions for high-rise residential units.

Through constant innovation, Unilux VFC has set the industry standard for vertical fan coil units since 1972.

See why Unilux VFC is the top choice for developers and engineers across North America.


Canada Stampings Ltd is one of Canada’s top tier-2 automotive suppliers delivering complex steel components.

Specialties include stamping, robotic assembly and welding. Canada Stampings Ltd also has top-notch tool maintenance and quality systems to provide customers with consistent high-quality parts.


Unilux VHP is a leading designer of vertical stack water-source heat pumps and hybrid heat pump solutions for high-rise construction developments.

Unilux VHP heat pumps offer residents superior home comfort control with the most reliable and technologically advanced unit available.

Find out why Unilux VHP is quickly becoming the #1 choice for developers building high-rises in North America.


Athena Healthcare Products Inc. designs and manufactures bed frames for use in all healthcare settings.

Healthcare institutions require strong, reliable beds frames for patients. Our bed frame design delivers on these quality standards.

For more information about Athena hospital beds, visit the website today.


Unilux CRFC is the leading manufacturer of retrofit vertical fan coil units in canada. The Unilux CRFC retrofit fan solution is designed to replace fan coils over 15 years of age quickly and with little disruption. The unique design is the first of it's kind to make improving home comfort easy and cost-effective for homeowners

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Proudly Serving Canada

Unilux Suite Solutions designs and manufactures retrofit vertical fan coils for the United Stated market. Avilable in all major US cities, Unilux Suite Solutions provides residents with renewed home comfort. The innovative solution is designed to replace aging fan coils to improve energy efficiency, indoor air quality and resident comfort.

Discover unilux's innovative fan coil replacement solution.


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